The largest industrial robot training base in Northeast China has been completed in Shenyang


On that day, the reporter witnessed the completion of Liaoning Intelligent Manufacturing Application Demonstration Base, namely Industrial Robot Training Base, in the machine tool town in Yuhong District, Shenyang. The event showcased the advanced technology of China's leading CNC in the field of intelligent manufacturing, especially the robot lion dance, which was admirable.

It is understood that this robot training base covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters, including media classrooms, training rooms, skill training centers and other teaching venues. It has introduced more than 60 sets of advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment such as industrial robot operation and adjustment training platforms, industrial robot mechatronics disassembly and assembly workstations, intelligent manufacturing production lines, five axis machining centers, and 3D printers. Senior experts in the field of domestic CNC machine tools are stationed here, cultivating a large number of practical talents for Liaoning and even Northeast China.

The first batch of more than ten provincial universities and vocational colleges signed contracts organized a large number of students to come to the robot training base on that day. Experts were operating robots while explaining the robot operation process and key technologies to the students. Student Chen Li told reporters, "What we usually learn in school is theoretical knowledge. It's our first time using real robots to operate here, which is very helpful for us to quickly master robot operation

At the same time, the training base has set a banner for the joint cultivation of practical talents by schools and enterprises, introducing 6 training course resource packages such as "Industrial Robot Programming and Operation" and "Intelligent Production Line Operation and Maintenance", as well as 4 simulation software such as industrial robot operation and adjustment and industrial robot installation and adjustment. Provide relevant technical services for teachers and students in intelligent manufacturing enterprises and vocational colleges in industrial robots, CNC machining, intelligent production lines, and 3D printing.

The Yong'an Machine Tool Town in Shenyang, where the Industrial Robot Training Base is located, is an industrial characteristic town jointly constructed by the Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other departments in May this year. The area is 2.8 square kilometers, including 1.1 million square meters of industrial zone construction area and 1.5 million square meters of commercial and residential supporting area construction area. The total planned investment is 15 billion yuan, introducing 300 intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises with a population of 60000 in the town. It will be completed in 8 years and cultivated in 20 years.

At present, the small town industry has begun to take shape, and the construction of the industrial zone has completed an investment of 1.58 billion yuan. Standardized factories and production facilities of 700000 square meters have been constructed, and 135 machine tool and component production enterprises have been put into operation. The Liaoning Province Intelligent Manufacturing Application Demonstration Base has entered the practical operation stage, and a 20000 square meter technology innovation building has been put into use. The first phase of the Talent Housing Project, which covers an area of 100000 square meters, has been launched.

The town has established a public service platform for industrial development, providing talent cultivation, introduction, achievement transformation, and docking services to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Currently, the focus is on building the Liaoning Dongsheng Intelligent Manufacturing Application Demonstration Base and the National Machinery Industry Industrial Robot Occupational Appraisal Level 1 Station. Carry out skill training and certification in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and host national level skill competitions such as the national machinery industry. We have established an Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, introduced 30 research and collaborative innovation institutions, and created mobile workstations for academicians, professors, and doctoral students, as well as research achievement transformation bases in universities.

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