Ningbo Yong Forging Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2017, located in Cicheng Town, Jiangbei District. It is a professional manufacturer of high-end stamping equipment and automatic connecting machinery equipment, which integrates R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service. The company establishes the R&D center of Lianchang Science and Technology. It has advanced and powerful CAM-aided manufacturing, physical and chemical testing/mechanical stress processing equipment for material and process processing. It uses CAE dynamic simulation optimization design and PDM network design management and ERP operation system of industrial resource information/plan. Each punch will receive more than 100 quality assurance tests before it leaves the factory.

The whole process of product design and manufacture strictly implements ISO international quality standard system procedures and refers to international stamping equipment standard grade requirements.

The company's main business development direction is to provide a complete stamping solution for the intelligent multi-online automatic stamping production line based on the Internet of Things, combined with multi-axis robot, 3D simulation design, precision die, big data software, AGV and other technologies. The company's own technology project - - the research and development and industrialization of intelligent stamping equipment and its production line based on the Internet of Things - - is committed to creating a mechanical and digital double automation production workshop (patented).

Ningbo Yong Forging Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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